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cushions (small)

These are cushions I have in stock.  Though they are from my standard range of designs each one is unique as I am constantly dyeing up and arranging fabric in different colours and configurations.  Clicking on the thumbnail will show details and a larger image.  
Postage within the UK is included, and cushions will be sent by 1st class post, normally the day after taking the order.
If you would like one of these designs in different colours please contact me.

Finches S-07 by Jo Gallant
Finches S-07   -   £38

Finches S-24 by Jo Gallant
Finches S-24   -   £38

Finches T-63 by Jo Gallant
Finches T-63   -   £28

Finches T-83 by Jo Gallant
Finches T-83   -   £28

Finches T-84 by Jo Gallant
Finches T-84   -   £28

Finches TI-82 by Jo Gallant
Finches TI-82   -   £28

Hare T-56 by Jo Gallant
Hare T-56   -   £28

Hare T-57 by Jo Gallant
Hare T-57   -   £28

Hare T-HA-46 by Jo Gallant
Hare T-HA-46   -   £28

Sheep T-26 by Jo Gallant
Sheep T-26   -   £28

Sheep T-28 by Jo Gallant
Sheep T-28   -   £28

Twig S-TW-22 by Jo Gallant
Twig S-TW-22   -   £38

Twig S-TW-22 by Jo Gallant

Twig S-TW-22


Dye-painted cotton velvet with cotton and dyed linen. Plain cotton envelope style back.

Dimensions: 30x30cm

Price: £38.00
(including feather-filled cushion)